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In Ancient times it was the custom for Chiefs to give their followers a crest to wear as a badge to show their clan allegiance. Our Clan Badges are authentic representations taken from the Arms of the Chiefs of the Clans.

How To Wear A Kilt Pin - The Kilt Pin is only decoration, and to add a little weight to the corner of the kilt. The Kilt Pin should only be put through the front panel of the Kilt, (it does not fasten the front panel to the inside panel) usually about 2" to 4" in from the front edge. Today it is also popular to wear a Kilt Pin or Irish brooch in a jacket lapel with non Highland wear.

Kilt Pins, Cap Badges, Brooches

Bagpiper Kilt Pin - More Details

Bagpiper Kilt Pin

Drum Major Kilt Pin - More Details

Drum Major Kilt Pin


Mr. Rooney
I just wanted to take a brief moment to tell you thank you. I chose to buy my Glengarry from you for two reasons. First was that Rick Freese highly recommended you and your business. Rick and I play together in the Clay County Sheriff's Office Pipe and Drum Corps. He spoke very highly of you, and as I'm sure you know word of mouth advertising speaks volumes. The second reason was that you had the best price including shipping of anyone I could find.
I was especially pleased with the way you handled my situation when my hat arrived with the toorie damaged. You exibited true professionalism in providing a speedy and acceptable resolution to the issue. Pipeline will be my first choice in future purchases.
Again, Thank you,
Alan Jennings.

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