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Pipeline is your on-line one stop shop for all things bagpipes. We sell, and keep in stock, MacCallum & MacRae Bagpipes. In addition, we have small pipes, electronic pipes, Pipe Chanters and Practice Chanters from the leading manufacturers and any accessory or maintenance gear you could need.
Since 1997, we have been dedicated to offering the best quality and selection at the lowest prices, for pipers all over the country. Whether you need a reed, a pipe bag, a hackle or a full set of Highland bagpipes, Pipeline is the place to go.

Pipe Bag and Blowpipe Sizing Guide:

Player’s Height Blowpipe Length Bag Size
5'- 2" or less 8” or less Small
5'- 3" to 5'- 6" 8” – 9” Extended Small
5'- 7" to 5'- 8" 9” – 9.5” Extended Small
5'- 9" to 5'- 10" 10” Medium or Extended Medium
5'- 11" to 6'- 0” 10” – 11” Medium or Extended Medium
6'- 1" to 6'- 4” 11” Med or Large
6'- 5" or more 12” Med or Large

* Please note that these sizes are for Canmore and Bannatyne Pipe Bags. Ross Pipe Bags are oversized, so a Small Ross would be the same as an Extended Small on the chart, Ext Small Ross would be a Med, Med Ross would be a Large and a Large Ross would be an Extra Large.
*Also note that this is a general guide and may vary due to body shape.

Bagpipes, Accessories, CDs and DVDs

I want to thank you for the service provided. I was grateful for the hands on care I received when I called your store. The fact that it was no problem to get the additional items to me with the original order was very much appreciated. Everything arrived early thanks to you and UPS. I will certainly be referring your store to my friends.

Thanks so much!

Best Regards

Thanks a million Gerry. Great customer service, as always. On a side note: Our group is quite new; mainly focused on developing junior pipers and new piper (of which I am one, albeit an old beginner). Parents often ask about reputable suppliers and I point them to your shop and website often. I had the great fortune a few months ago to have had a lesson with Donald Lindsay, while he worked with our group. During conversation about the purchase of pipes, your name was mentioned as one of the folks that Donald thought very highly of. I look forward to that time, and plan to wait a little longer, so that I can make purchase that will sustain many years of playing. Regards, Ken Bob Glennan

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